3 Gifts for Your Girl in a COVID Christmas

In COVID, your girl may want a number of things for Christmas from a spa set, to a skateboard, to simply wanting life to return to normal. Here are 3 gifts and 3 words that your girl needs most: She is LOVED.

1. Time. Take daily hard stops to just “be” with your girl. Pens down, screens off. Lock eyes with your girl, lean in and listen. Let her know how much she matters to God and to you. She is LOVED.

2. Traditions. Traditions slow time and mark moments with meaning. Create traditions that remind your girl and others that they are LOVED. Read Luke 2 by candlelight, bake birthday cupcakes for Jesus and deliver them to your neighbors, or place a heart ornament on your tree.

3. Tangible. Looking for something tangible to remind your girl she’s LOVED.? Start with your arms. Hugs are best! Put a note under the tree or her pillow that lists from A to Z all the good things you see in her, and surprise her with her favorite snack. Then check out GEMSLOVED.org for more tangible fun and faith-filled gifts.

Love came down at Christmas. His name is Jesus. Your girl is LOVED. and so are YOU!


No matter what you gift wrap, remind the recipients of their Truth-filled identity in Christ! Download your free Christmas gift tags here. You are ACCEPTED, You are BEAUTIFUL, You Are CHOSEN, You are LOVED.


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