DIY Marble Jewelry Dish

This cute jewelry dish makes for a great gift, or is a fun craft to do with a friend. Spread the love by making these pretty dishes for others this fall!

What You Need

  • White, black, and colored oven-bake clay
  • Plastic clay knife
  • Oven-safe bowl
  • Gold paint and paintbrush
  • Rolling pin
  • Glaze (optional)


  1. Cut small pieces of each color of clay you’ll be using. Make sure you include two pieces of white clay with your colors.
  2. Roll each piece with your hands to look like a snake. Roll until the pieces are about 5 in. (25 mm) long.
  3. Twist your clay snakes together and roll to thin the strand. Fold over in half and twist again.
    Tip: Make sure you don’t over mix your clay, or it will turn into one dark blob of color. These dishes look best when the colors don’t quite mix!
  4. Roll your clay into a ball, and then use the rolling pin to flatten it until it’s about ½ in. (13 mm) thick.
  5. Grab a large jar or cup and put it on top of your clay. Push the jar into the clay to cut it into a perfect circle.
  6. Carefully put your clay circle in the bottom of the oven-safe bowl you’re using. Let it bend slightly with the bowl to make a shallow dish.
  7. Bake according to the directions for the clay. Make sure a grown-up helps you with the oven!
  8. Remove from the oven and let cool. Once your dish is cool, carefully paint around the edge with gold paint.
  9. Let dry and you’re all set!

Tip: Use this as a jewelry dish for your bracelets and rings, bake it flat to make a coaster, or fill with hair ties and bobby pins to help organize your bathroom. This dish adds a pretty accent of color to any room!