5 Simple Ways to Raise a Grateful Girl

Do you want your girl to experience less anxiety, sounder sleep, and stronger friendships? Of course, you do! According to science and stats, teach her to be grateful. It’s something God’s Word has said from the beginning! Be thankful (Colossians 3:15).

Here are five simple ways to raise a grateful girl.

1. Set the example. You are your girl’s best example of what it looks like to have an attitude of gratitude. She’ll follow your lead as you give thanks to God and others.

2. Spot the gifts. Help your girl see that presents don’t just come in bags with bows. There’s a neighbor’s smile, clean socks, and a sunrise. Opportunities to give thanks are everywhere!

3. Send thank you notes. Whether it’s a postcard, sticky note, or a coloring page, thank you notes are a tangible, thoughtful way to communicate and grow in gratitude.

4. Share three. At dinner, on a walk, or at bedtime, give thanks for three things. Speak it, write it in a journal or on colorful strips of paper to create a chain of thanks.

5. Serve others. Gratitude grows when a girl understands she can be a gift to others. As she serves, it will make her even more grateful for what others do for her.

Genuine gratitude will change your girl and change our world—one thank you at a time.


The best prayers of Unshakeable Thanks come directly from God’s Word. Download this beautiful 31 Prayers of Thanksgiving printable that contains a Scripture verse to pray for each day.


Be thankful with your girl. Purchase two journals here: one for you, one for your girl. Fill the pages with gratitude for who God is, His good gifts, and all the ways you see Him at work in this world.