5 Ways to Respond When Your Girl Falls to Pieces in a COVID Christmas

It’s not easy to celebrate Christmas in COVID, but maybe your girl is doing remarkably well. Until she’s not! When a girl hits her breaking point there can be a stream of tears, slammed doors, or the silent treatment.

How can you help her choose peace when it feels like all the pieces won’t ever fit back together again?

Use the acrostic PEACE.

P: Pray.

Always start with prayer. Before you engage her in conversation, pray for peace for your girl, and wisdom, words, and patience for you.

E: Empathize.

Acknowledge that what she’s feeling hurts. Affirm her disappointment. This is not the Christmas she wants. You get it!

A: Act.

There’s not a formula for how to fix her tough situation. She’s never celebrated Christmas in COVID before, nor have you. But together you can take action and do the next right thing. Play a board game, call a friend, or do an act of kindness for a neighbor.

C: Choose LOVED.

Remind yourself and your girl, that whether she feels grumpy or grateful, is falling to pieces or filled with His peace, she is LOVED. Period.

E: Engage her heart with Truth.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, came at Christmas for her! Open God’s Word (start in Luke 2), and engage her with other Truth-filled resources that will remind her Whose she is and who she is: seen, known, and so very LOVED.


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