5 Ways to Stay Sane in Change

Kidmin is not optional. It’s why you’ve pivoted and prayed, and stayed on mission, no matter what. But in all the change, how can you stay sane?

We look to Jesus. The answer is always Jesus! To stay sane through change we look to Him and notice the 5 things that Jesus didn’t do.

  1. Jesus didn’t worry about what everyone else would think.
    We don’t see Him wrestling with people-pleasing. He was so attentive to His specific Kingdom assignment, He didn’t need the accolades of others.
  2. Jesus didn’t compare Himself with others.
    Jesus wasn’t on Facebook or focused on someone else’s ministry. His days were not filled with comparing or competing, but only completing the work God assigned to Him.
  3. Jesus didn’t overfill His days.
    Jesus didn’t run breathlessly from need to need. Instead, He walked with a pace of purpose. Jesus took time to rest, to pray, to celebrate, to be still, and to enjoy those closest to Him.
  4. Jesus didn’t fill His days with “should’s.”
    Never did Jesus say, “I should do this or that.” He could let go of every “should” because His “ought” came from being connected to the Father and the assignments that were His to complete.
  5. Jesus didn’t do everything Himself.
    In the Bible, we observe Jesus equipping others to join Him in the Kingdom work. Would it be perfect? No. Clearly, His disciples were still learning. Yet Jesus invited others to help!

No matter the change, you can stay sane. Fix your eyes on Jesus who is with you, for you, and gives you an example by what He did and did not do!


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