The #1 Thing Your Girl Needs to Hear

While there may be many things your girl needs to hear today about her schoolwork, screens, stressors, and how to treat her siblings, here’s the #1 thing she needs to know:

You are loved.

Not you are loved if, when, maybe, sort of, or someday. Nope!

You are loved.


Girls often put question marks behind everything: Am I loved? Accepted? Seen? Valued? Do I matter?

Speaking, “You are loved.” into a girl’s life, erases and replaces question marks with God’s period.

Tell your girl that she is loved. And never forget, so are you!

5 Simple Ways to Tell a Girl She is LOVED.

  • Write it. Jot it on notes, mirrors, sticky notes, text messages, and her Pumpkin Spice Latte—You are LOVED.
  • Speak it. On her good days, grumpy days, and when question marks are tripping her up days, look her in the eyes and say—You are LOVED.
  • Show it. A hug, laughter, eye contact, playing a game or playing with her hair, are all ways to show a girl without words—You are LOVED.
  • Pray it. Ask God to help your girl be anchored to the truth about whose she is and who she is. God says—You are LOVED.
  • Live it. Telling your girl she’s loved is easier caught than taught. Remind yourself repeatedly—You are LOVED.


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