The A-B-C’s to Raising a Kind Girl

In a world where your girl can be anything, what if one of her greatest ambitions was to be kind? It’s possible! Here are three simple A-B-C’s to help you raise a kind girl.

A. Always start with prayer. Pray for God to grow a heart of kindness in your girl. Ask Him to help her see and step into all the opportunities she has to be kind. It’s a prayer that aligns with God’s heart!

B. Be kind. Your example is her best teacher. Model kindness in all you do and say—beginning with your family. Then as much as possible, invite her to join you when you’re sprinkling kindness on others. She’ll see in you what kindness can do!

C. Check-in. Every day you may be asking her if she’s completed her homework, fed the dog, or practiced her piano. Add this daily check-in question: How did you show kindness to someone today? Double the kindness by having her ask you the same question!

D. Download. (Bonus!) Don’t miss the two freebies below that will encourage your girl to be kind!

While the world promotes random acts of kindness, your girl will be doing regular acts of kindness because of your prayers, example, and check-ins. And never forget to always be kind to YOU!

Free Resources

Inspire your daughter to join the kindness movement. Download the GEMS Kindness Campaign Checklist. Then share her story by posting on the GEMS Facebook page. We want to celebrate with you how she’s changing the world through kindness!



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