The Most Important Book a Mom or Mentor Will Ever Read

What is the last book you recommended to a friend? Or the last time you couldn’t get your nose out of a book?

What if the Book we couldn’t put down in 2021 was God’s Word? Shouldn’t the Greatest Story be our Greatest Read? It’s the most important book a mom, mentor, and our girls will ever read!

The hardest part is getting started. It’s a Big Book! Start small, and always remember this is not about a method, but a relationship. When you open God’s Word, it isn’t about how much you read, but that you meet Jesus every time you read.

Here are three options:

  1. Follow a Bible reading plan. There are a number of them online. Or choose a chapter and saturate yourself in it for a month. Download a free guide!
  2. Read Children’s Bibles. The simplicity of a children’s Bible helps us understand how the events, places, and people fit into God’s Big Story.
  3. Listen to Audio versions. When reading is not easy or enjoyable, for you or your girls, this is a great option.

If the Bible hasn’t been your greatest read, good news. Today is a new day, and with Jesus, there is no condemnation or shaming. When we accept His invitation to open God’s Word, He meets us as we are with love to remind us we are LOVED.


If you’re ready to move from Scripture skimming to Scripture saturation, this easy to follow guide is perfect for you. Use it all year long! Download here.


If you are looking for a meaningful way for your girl to dig deeper into Scripture with you, check out this hardcover NIV Bible here. It will help your girl develop a habit of studying God’s Word and has space to journal on every page so she can reflect on what she just read.