Road Trip Games


If your road trip group knows a lot about pop culture, this is a great game to play. One at a time, people can say (or makeup) a headline they saw in the news recently. Everyone else has to guess if the headline is real or fake. You can also play the same kind of game with memories, slang, or other categories.

Good News, Bad News

To play this game, have one person start by completing this sentence: “The good news is…” The next person then responds to the first person’s comment by saying, “But the bad news is…” Keep going back and forth between good news and bad news until you can’t stop laughing.

For example:

Person 1 – “The good news is we’re almost to the ocean!”

Person 2 – “The bad news is I can’t swim.”

Person 3 – “The good news is you can learn to swim in the ocean.”

Person 4 – “The bad news is you might drown in the process.”

Person 5 – “The good news is a cute lifeguard might save you.”

Person 6 – “The bad news is the lifeguard might turn out to be your second cousin.”

Rule Breaker

Everyone makes up a rule or two during the drive 🚗  that everyone must follow. For example, every time you go under a bridge 🌉, you have to hum the 🎶  theme song 🎶  of your favorite TV show. The more rules you add, the harder it gets to remember them! The last person to follow each rule gets a point. At the end of the road trip, see who has the least points. That person wins! 🎉

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