Why Gems

How GEMS Will Help

In a culture filled with girls who long to belong and be LOVED, GEMS Girls’ Clubs welcomes girls into a safe and fun community of mentors and peers who genuinely care about them as they learn about God, His Word and His world. For 60 years the message of GEMS has not changed. Jesus is and always will be the way, the truth, and the life. And our goal is to reach every girl with the Good News of Jesus. We do that through:


Following the example in Titus 2, GEMS provides a format for girls to engage with women who love them and will show them how to grow in their faith. As these relationships deepen week after week and year after year, girls see faith in Jesus modeled in their mentors. As their mentors love them well, girls learn how to love each other and love God.


We develop age-appropriate Bible teaching for your girls along with teaching aids for all leaders. The easy-to-use curriculum means you don’t have to be a Bible expert, just someone who loves God and loves His girls. The curriculum will guide you through the content giving you everything you need to teach your girls God’s Word with excellence and help them grow in their faith.


We study current trends and issues facing girls today so GEMS volunteers are equipped to meet their girls’ needs every week. From current lingo to their deepest hurts, our training offers practical resources and tools to help you reach today’s girls. Our online training program GEMS ReFresh offers weekly equipping and spiritual encouragement for all volunteers. Topics range from issues girls face today, how to best run a club night, to encouraging Bible teaching. We will equip you to serve your girls well and reach them with the message of Jesus Christ.

Girls Magazines

With two magazines for girls in grades 1-3 and 4-6, these take-home materials help girls learn more about God in their own homes. With articles on relevant topics such as bullying, friendship, family, technology and more, girls learn how to live out faith in Jesus in all areas of their life. Fun games, crafts, recipes, and interviews help girls grow their talents and share love in practical ways with their family and friends.