Chunky Knit Blanket

This blanket is easy to knit, and oh-so cozy!

What You Need

162 yards (150 meters) thick yarn


1.) Take two balls of yarn and hold two strands together. Tie a slip knot with a loop on the end of your yarn. To tie a slip knot, wrap the yarn around two fingers. Then pull the yarn through the middle, in a loop.

2.) Put one hand in the loop, and pull another loop of yarn through the first loop. Then take that new loop and put it on your arm.

3.) Repeat step 2 until you have 15 loops on your arm.

4.) With the opposite hand, reach through the first loop on your arm and pull a loop through and onto your empty arm. Reach through the next loop and do the same process again.

5.) When you reach the end of the row, start a new row by going through the opposite way on the second arm.

6.) Once your blanket is as large as you’d like or you are almost out of yarn, you need to cast off. To cast off, start by pulling a loop through the first loop on the opposite arm. Pull a loop through the second loop and pull the first loop overtop of the first loop. Continue until you are to the end of the row. Pull the last length of yarn all the way through. Tie a knot. Tuck the loose ends into the blanket.