Fall Luminaries

These cute fall luminaries are perfect for those longer nights and colder days.

What You Need

  • Option A – brown paper bag, markers, sand, and scissors
  • Option B – mason jar, fall leaves, Mod Podge, twine, and paintbrush
  • Both – battery-powered candles


Directions for Option A:

  1. Draw the shape of a leaf on one side of the brown paper bag and cut it out.
  2. Open the bag and roll or fold the top a few times to make it a bit more sturdy.
  3. Add sand to the bottom of the bag and top with a candle. All set!

Directions for Option B:

  1. Clean the mason jar and add Mod Podge around the outside of the jar.
  2. Attach leaves to the jar and carefully Mod Podge over them.
  3. Let dry, and tie a piece of twine in a bow around the top of the jar.
  4. Add a candle and you’re good to go!