I Heart You Paper Bags

Making cards and gifts for others on Valentine’s Day or any day can be a lot of fun! Follow the instructions to make a heart bag for your friends. Fill with snacks or a special gift. We even have cute and funny friendship cards available for you to download!

Don’t need a Valentine’s Day gift this year? No problem—this fun gift will work for any event. Just make a different shape on the paper bags.

What You Need

  • Brown, white, or red paper bags
  • Red, pink, or white paint
  • A no. 2 pencil with an eraser
  • A piece of thick paper or poster board
  • Scissors


  1. Draw a heart on the paper. Make sure it will fit on your paper bag. Cut it out.
  2. Take a paper bag and put the heart on one side. Hold it in place while you dip the eraser of the pencil in paint. Then, carefully dot around the edge of the heart with the painted eraser.
  3. Continue adding dots around your heart. Add fewer and fewer dots as you get farther from the heart.
  4. Carefully take the heart off the paper bag. Let the bag dry and do the rest of the bags.
  5. Fill each bag with popcorn and attach a friendship card.