Mini Marquee Signs

These cute and fun marquee signs are super easy to make, and look like real marquee signs, only mini!

What You Need

  • A matchbox
  • Thick white paper
  • The marquee alphabet (find one or make your own!)
  • Tape


  1. Remove the white box holding the matches from the outer case. Set the outer case and extra matches aside.
  2. Measure your white paper to fit the size of the box. You want about half an inch (25 mm) extra on all sides.
  3. Cut the paper and fold down the sides so it fits into the box. You should now have a complete-looking box.
  4. Cut out and tape or draw your letters in two lines on the white paper to make your marquee sign. Add a tiny strip of white paper in the middle of the sign to get the full effect.
  5. Add a magnet to put on your fridge or locker, or display in your room.

So cute!