Not a Hugger Shirt

Not everyone’s a hugger, and with this cute DIY shirt, you can kindly keep your distance without getting too prickly!

What You Need

  • Fabric paint or permanent marker
  • Blank t-shirt (old or new)
  • Cardboard piece

Optional: How to Draw Succulents Download


  1. Make sure your shirt is clean and you have plenty of space for this project.
  2. Put the cardboard piece inside your shirt so you have a hard surface to draw on.
  3. Use the fabric paint or marker to write the words “Not a Hugger” in the center of your shirt however you’d like.
  4. With the help of our How to Draw Succulents downloadable (optional), draw a little cactus next to the words on your shirt.
  5. Let the paint or marker set in and you’re done! *Be careful with washing your shirt, as the paint or marker may not stay for too many washes.