PB&J Squishy

This PB&J squishy pencil topper is cute and silly! Make this little squishy to keep you company, or give it to a friend.

What You Need

  • Sponge with small holes
  • Tan, brown, and purple fabric paint
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker
  • Pencil


  1. Cut the sponge to be the size you want for your pencil topper.
  2. Cut the top half into two bumps, like the top of a piece of bread. Then round the edges on the bottom.
  3. Poke the sharp point of the pencil into the bottom of your sponge to make a hole. Then put the eraser side of the pencil into the hole in your sponge.
  4. Paint the sponge with the tan color first. Coat it in a thick layer, then set it aside to dry. It might take a few hours.
  5. Paint another coat of the tan on the sponge. Let it dry.
  6. Use the purple paint to make blobs of jelly around the sandwich. Then paint the sides of the bread pieces with brown paint. Let it dry.
  7. Paint the purple jelly again. Add in some tan blobs for peanut butter. Let it dry.
  8. When the squishy is totally dry, it’s time for the face. Use the black marker to draw two tiny dots for eyes and a little half circle mouth. Then, squish and watch it slowly rise!