“You Rock” Jar

On Mother’s Day tell your mom or mentor how much she rocks!

What You Need

Mason jar or another pretty container

Small rocks that are smooth enough to write on and will fit in your container

Permanent markers

Optional: paint and paintbrushes


  1. Find some rocks and wash them off.
  2. When the rocks are dry, take markers and write words that remind your special Mother’s Day lady how much she rocks! Examples: School lunch, bedtime story, loud laugh, a favorite song, a warm hug, or anything that reminds you of her and how much she’s loved and appreciated by you!
    Optional: Paint the rocks, let them dry, and then write the words.
  3. Write “YOU ROCK” on the jar and put all the rocks inside!
  4. Give it to your special lady on Mother’s Day to show her how much she rocks!